There are many ways you can implement Expecting the Best…
Implement in an existing literacy program or health education group
Several organizations, including community colleges, community based organizations, and literacy councils have introduced lessons from Expecting the Best into their classes.  Instructors who have participated in field testing suggest teaching lessons from the ETB curriculum as a unit over several class sessions, as one theme of an overall diverse curriculum.  ETB can also be offered as a concentrated “short course” addressing health issues only over a one or two month period.
Collaborate with your local community college
If you are a health or community-based organization, your community college’s ESL program can provide free resources for you to start and maintain ESL classes for your patients and clients, provided certain conditions are met. For example, the ESL director  can find an instructor (or hire one if you have someone in mind), provide a space for class (or use your space), provide textbooks, and administer the program. If you choose this option, the instructor must have a Bachelor’s degree, classes must be open to both women and men age 16 or older, and you must maintain a minimum number of students who attend the class. Classes are free to you if the conditions are met, and classes can continue indefinitely using community college resources.  (This is true in North Carolina – please check if you’re in another state.) 
Implement the curriculum with existing resources or volunteers
For new classes, this enables greater flexibility in determining class size and make-up (for example, if you would like to have a class for women only), compared to using community college resources. An instructor, textbooks, and a room (preferably with a white board or blackboard) are needed. The program is inexpensive; estimated program costs are approximately $2500 per year.
Obtain funding to implement Expecting the Best
Just like the strategy above, this enables more flexibility in class size and make-up. The March of Dimes may be a good source of funding. For more information, visit their web site: