Welcome to Expecting the Best!  I hope that these materials will help your patients learn about health care and healthy living! 

This project has grown from many different needs, but started from one rooted in rural health services.  Our certified nurse midwifery practice felt frustrated when they tried to provide quality health education and counseling to their patients, many of whom were non-English speaking and new to the United States.  As is the case in many health practices, interpreter services could not adequately serve all patients’ needs! 

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are a unique way to prepare patients with cultural information about seeking services in conjunction with basic English skills, and to teach general health and wellness concepts. For many students, English is a valued skill that means more opportunity and higher earnings.  ESL programs, particularly within community college and literacy council settings are well-established and tend to have stable funding sources.

I hope that these materials contribute to better understanding and healthy living. The lessons are currently under development, and focus on three topics that students in a statewide survey said interested them most – health care, nutrition, and exercise and fitness.  Our “Implementation” page suggests ways that a health care organization can be involved in offering Expecting the Best classes.  Please sign up to be a pilot site if you would like to contribute to our field testing!  Our “Collaboration” page lists several ways that health and adult education organizations can work together to promote health and literacy.

So many key leaders in health and education are contributing to this project.  I would welcome your thoughts too.  Please write – it’s easy, just go to ‘Give us your ideas!” where you’ll find a web form, or you can email us – go to ‘Contact us.”


Sandy Diehl, MPH

Project Director, Coastal AHEC

ESL Instructor, Cape Fear Community College

Wilmington, North Carolina